Who We Are

The Idaho Independent Governmental Authority, III-A, was formed to assist local governments in Idaho, pool resources to provide heath benefits for their employees.  Each member entity shares the cost associated with providing health benefits to the members.  
The pool is governed by the Board of Trustees.


Board of Trustees

Rick Watkins, Chair, City of Fruitland
Dan Hammond, Vice-Chair, City of American Falls
Ruth Bailes, Minidoka Irrigation District
Grant Gager, City of Ketchum
Gilbert Hofmeister, Power County Highway District
Susan Lasuen, LHTAC
Suzanne McNeel, City of Blackfoot
Jared Mitton, City of Oakley
Danielle Painter, City of New Plymouth
Patty Parkinson, City of St. Anthony
Pat Riley, Northern Lakes Fire Protection District

Amy Manning, Executive Director
tel: (208) 317-2814
email: iiia.amymanning@gmail.com

Lisa Fritz, III-A Account Manager
tel: (208) 850-0545
email: iiia.lfritz@gmail.com